Friends and Employers

“John has significantly improved the quality of the documentation for our applications. Both the content and the presentation are leagues beyond where we started. He’s a good team member and works well with others. He also understands how to correct, pivot, and move to new understanding quickly. I always felt my time was well spent working with him.”

“I have seen John address our corporate body, which consists of more than 2,000 employees and executives. He conducts himself extremely professionally. He does his homework before going into a meeting and his organizational skills are spot on.”

“Mr. Clements demonstrates robust content knowledge in his subject area and is particularly passionate about language usage. He also effectively uses web-based teaching materials with his students and has been a welcomed resource for his colleagues.”

“John has displayed many professional attributes during projects that required a lot of changes. He showed excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as tenacity and attention to detail. What has also impressed me has been John’s creative ability to design solutions, as well as analyze and make recommendations for a “win-win” situation.”

“John was integral in establishing numerous communications processes, both internally and externally, for our worldwide efforts. He developed the reporting techniques and processes for internal communications and electronic media to a high quality. This was one of the key elements to Wings of Hope being nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has been a valued member of this worldwide organization.”

“If John Clements doesn’t know the answer, he’ll find it on his dime not yours. He’s capable of being a full-service web provider yet flexible enough to empower you with the knowledge you need to run your own day-to-day web operations.”